"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills." -Chinese proverbI’m checking in again, even though Round 2 is complete, and Round 3 doesn’t start until next week. I like the structure of a once-a-week post ruminating on progress, since it forces me to review the small things I manage over time that add up to something tangible.

This week I did the final walk-through on our new home, and was given the key… already! I went back today and hung the winter coats I’d had to use earlier this year (when I’d first arrived in Virginia) in the coat closet there. Thus has the move already started. I also took along a measuring tape to find out exactly how big our big new house is. Apparently… there will be lots of wide-open space in the new place. I even met one of our new neighbors and his son–both of whom are looking forward to the Husky kisses that are likely in their future when our girls arrive.

I’m happy for the walls that will shelter us as we face our winds of change, and yet am reminded of the creative flights of fancy that allow windmills to evoke both monsters and dreams, and choose to imagine these changes will spark our creativity in directions unique to us. For me, that’s meant I’ve managed a mere 2,010 words for the week, completely missing the point of the daily goals I had set last week. In spite of my lack of energy, it only took us a day to find a suitable renter for our Wisconsin house, so there’s one less worry to stress us in this evolution.

Kyra is responding well to her treatments, too, encouraging me to think she might enjoy the big, new yard we’ve found for her. She is my living proof that focusing on the moment allows progress despite injury. In fact, my hubs sent an interesting article about habits of people who follow their dreams, and saw our experience in the list–apparently it’s very good I’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable.


At the same time, I found an interview with Robert David Steele over at the Guardian that confirmed how important the things I’m doing at my day job are–as well as giving further meaning to an ongoing, open diary in the form of blog entries. The sub-title of his book (Transparency, Truth, and Trust) has moved it onto my to-read pile even though I’m not a non-fiction fan. I like the ideals outlined in the article, and am hugely entertained by the notion that the entrenched Powers That Be respect him despite his radical call to open-source everything.

Next week, I’ll be back with goals for Round 3. In the meantime, I’m crossing my fingers that the past few days have been sufficiently diverting that I’ll be back to regular new words with the new week. Check back next week to see how I’ve managed.

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