"You just have to trust your own madness." -Clive BarkerIt’s been a lovely week: No school work due, just normal madness at the office, and lots of writing time. So that stretch goal I set last week…? Not so stretchy after all: I wrote 6,708 words. Finished one short story and got about halfway through the last one for my spooky collection.

I’m still not sure I’ll meet my goal of releasing them for the namesake of the collection (Hallows Eve Triptych), even if I have been working on them for a year now. I was hit with some massively painful ear plague last night that meant every half hour I was doubled over–and never did manage to get to sleep. I can’t remember having had an infection that is this painful … ever. It made me mostly a zombie today. So I only managed 78 new words. I did get some great feedback on the stories, though, so some of that count is cutting some words and adding others as part of the editorial process.

It also seems winter hit Wisconsin early this year: Our daytime highs were in the 40s with a cutting wind that meant I only took one walk last week. For one mile. Shivering the whole way. Come to think of it… maybe that’s where this infernal ear infection came from.


I’ll definitely be revising my exercise goals given the turn the temperatures have taken. I’m also not entirely sure I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I’ll be able to see the class requirements for my next class in about 15 minutes, so will know whether it’s even a vaguely remote possibility. Even so, I should work to finish the final Red Slaves before picking up another shiny plot bunny, so I wouldn’t be following the rules exactly, just using the nifty word tracker tool. Still, I have a different word tracking tool I’ve been using again recently, that manages similar motivation for me, so we’ll see how it all plays out.

Meantime, check out how the other ROW80-ers are staying on track.

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    1. We do actually have hats with built-in ear-flaps up here, as well as scarves and other such accoutrements… They were just… not handy. 😀

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