Conquering Myself

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. -BuddhaYou’d think, based on my day job full of scheduling and rescheduling tasks, that I would know about its power in my personal life… It seems the process of adjusting your own attitude takes time, though. This week, I discovered that if I face my homework as medicine and fiction-writing time as the spoonful of sugar necessary to get it all to go down… I can produce WORDS! I more than doubled where I was last week, as well as creating a list of the the key action points that need to happen to properly tie up the story arc and make the Red Slaves series end with a bang.

So I’m bringing my discipline to another area of my life. My schedule for the next two years: first DB responses Tuesday night, follow-on responses Wednesday-Friday, paper of the week on Saturday… and Sunday and Monday OFF. And when I get my schoolwork done early enough, I can write what I like.

It still means my future story production timeline is going to be… stretched out for longer than I’d like. Especially since I was able to win NaNoWriMo twice. I don’t like the cliff-hangers of a lot of modern stories, so dragging out telling my own stories feels a lot like living at the perpetual edge of a cliff-hanger.


Regardless, this makes my Sunday night a lot less stressful, and I’m able to meet my three main weekly goals with what feels like a little bit of breathing room. My five walks this week were for a total of 9.47 miles. My five days of fiction writing produced 1,626 words… which is actually more than what my goal was. And I had time to spend with family and drop in on a friend’s baby shower. It was … a good week.


See how all the other ROW80 participants are progressing.

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2 thoughts on “Conquering Myself

  1. There’s a reason I prefer flow to a schedule. For me, I like an idea of what I will be focusing on, but also the flexibility to shift with whatever else life offers…

    It sounds like you’ve found something that works for you in a more relaxed and productive way – and that can only be a good thing!

    May you enjoy much joyful productivity this week!

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