Staggering Into Another Round

"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom." -Isaac AsimovThe second round of ROW80 has thus begun… just in time for my next class to kick off tomorrow. I’m doing it in style too: I discovered after my professor emailed a welcome that I had been idiot enough to re-purchase the textbook from last session when my eyes crossed at an inopportune moment and I read MBA669 as MBA668. So I’ll be crossing my fingers that paying the extra money for expedited shipping pays off, and I actually have my required textbook for my class this week!

Strangely, with this class, I’m 1/3rd through this program already. And STILL rocking the 4.0. Which is building the kind of momentum that makes me feel like that needs to be a goal, now…

Yeah, I know, I just jinxed it.


So. For real, my goals this round look a lot like my goals last round:

  1. Keep up with all assigned class work.
  2. Continue to walk at least three times a week, accruing at least 5 miles per week at exercise-paced walking.
  3. Try to write at least 1,250 words of fiction each week.

On that third point… I just opened up the syllabus for this class and discovered I have weekly papers due again. 5-7 pagers for every week but mid-term and final… and those, of course, will be longer.


So. Back to a circumstance where writing for fun may or may not be in the cards. And I’m feeling foolish for having let my “summer break” zoom by with very little to show for it… except a shiny new plot bunny that involves time travel (again). I’d like to think that I could at least get a good chunk of book 3 of Red Slaves written by the end of this round in September. Or I could go back to my short story triptych. Or I could explore plot bunnies. But I’m feeling the conflict Asimov described in his quote above, that I’m gathering knowledge (school learning about business and marketing) faster than I am wisdom (practical experience as a creative writer). We’ll see how that resolves by the end of the semester and round.

For the week, I stand at 566 words for Fire to Water and 6 walks for a total of 9.61 miles. And I logged in to my new class 10 minutes after it became available. 😉

Meantime, go see how the others are progressing this holiday weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Staggering Into Another Round

  1. was gong to do same but would probably fall over so just muttered incantations under breathe to same un-jinx effect:)

    Good start to goals – but you make me feel very sloth like on exercise – must do better- all the best with coming week:)

  2. Oh, exercise goals…I need to add some of those…at least one of those. Well, I officially waggle my fingers, spin around twice and blink thrice to unjinx you! Lol! Good luck with all your goals…and work on that time travel story! Time travel stories are awesome!

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