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"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know." -Pema ChodronOnce again I’m to the point in my current class that I’d really rather do anything but the assignment in front of me. I’m glad I’ve learned not to rant all day about it, but waiting until the end of the day to produce my required pages is really getting old. I may have had good reason to wait, though, since I accomplished a lot this week.

I completed all my assignments this week.

I took three walks for a total distance of almost 6.4 miles.

I added 1,451 words to my novelette.

I even got to read another (fiction) book and hang out with an old family friend.

So it’s been a busy, productive week… except it’s after midnight on a Sunday night and I feel flattened. This whole work/school/life balance is a major challenge. Especially since I finally went back to the dentist Friday after 2 years… and got the predictably bad report that had been part of my reason for avoiding that pain. I inherited my teeth from my dad’s side of the family, apparently–my grandma lost all hers by her mid-20s, and my dad has more fillings and caps than original teeth. So I get to go back two times in the next month to get more fillings. Again. And I don’t do well with the pain killers they use. And I have a strong gag reflex. So I’ll be whining about my mouth for a while, meditating on what the meaning of tooth issues might be, and hoping that my husband can come up with a working nutraceutical fix for this issue too.

If anyone else has experience with an overly acidic mouth combined with soft enamel… I’m game to try what’s helped you. And I suppose I’ll count my blessings that at least so far I’ve managed to avoid root canals and crowns, given the ongoing pain my husband has dealt with over the past month with those procedures.

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4 thoughts on “What I Need to Know

  1. I got a rude surprise from the dentist in the form an emergency root canal. We’re still figuring out how to pay for it, so I completely understand.

  2. Tonya… I feel your pain (really, I do… Last week I went to the dentist for the Nth time this year and felt thrilled that the tooth pain I’d been having was fixed by adjusting the crown, because I’ve already used up all $2500 of my insurance allotment this year on six abscessed teeth. Yes, I feel your pain.) The only good news I can tell you is we have the same hereditary issue in my family, and the decay issues, the breaking teeth, etc… They seem to stop after peri-menopause (which I am eagerly awaiting!)

    As for the rest of your week… sounds busy, but good. You may feel exhausted right now, but things will equal out, and you’ll end up with more energy than you had.

    1. Ugh. Your mouth adventure sounds … painful. I’m thankful none of my cavities have any nerve involvement. I just don’t want to keep getting them 😛

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      1. You’re welcome.

        And don’t worry about me… it’s just part of who I am. I have so many other things that are awesome, I can deal (of course, ask me to say this when the teeth are hurting and you’d get a different response 😉 ).

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