do-not-disturbI’m jumping in to this round of ROW80 a month late, because I finally decided to participate in the A-Z Challenge–and really didn’t want to post something to my blog seven days a week.

Surprisingly enough… I completed that challenge, and therefore the first goal I had for this round.


My second goal is, once more, to complete all school work on time. So far that’s on track, too.

My third goal is to finish the novelette that had been on KKP’s docket for publication in April. Right now, Wytchfire stands at 5,295 words–a little over half-way complete.

My last class had been such a brain-drain as to ensure I had very little fiction-power left in me, once I finished twisting my mind around legal research. This session I’m back in my marketing major, and while the paper I was working on tonight was … a pain … it hasn’t held me back from writing at least 250 words a night this past week. So I’m cautiously optimistic that I might return to a daily productivity rate that would allow for that goal to happen in the remaining four weeks of this round.

If I do manage to complete the writing, then the reviewing, editing, and formatting can be my stretch goal. Hence, the silly cartoon appropriated from my university’s Facebook wall.


Since spring has also finally sprung here, and I’ve found a variant on the MapMyRun app that allows me to track our dog-walking treks, I’ve been getting weekly reports on how far we’ve walked. Now that we’re not shivering each time out, our walks have returned to a more standard 2-mile stretch. It would be great for all our sakes if I could manage 3 of those each week, so I’ll add mileage reporting here, realistically hoping for 5 miles of exercise-paced walking per week. This week… that would be a fail. This past week, I managed almost 4 miles over the course of 3 walks–and no walks this weekend, when our best options for that fun present themselves.

On the other hand, my book addiction finally dictated that it could no longer be denied. Despite everything else, I read three books in the past week–two of them yesterday, so you’ll be seeing more reviews returning to this space. In fact, I’m very excited to be part of Erica Lucke Dean’s virtual blog tour promoting her debut novel. I’ve known her for something approaching two years now as she’s documented the ups and downs of that path, so am thrilled to share her final product with you this week.

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