#AtoZChallenge – T is for Travel

20130423-010405.jpgI wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about for T, but then figured the dislocation of travel was enough of a theme in my Red Slaves series to warrant comment.

The superficial dislocation we feel when faced with a new location is but the most obvious of the changes we face. When, as with Anne, you have to adapt to a new culture over a longer term, there is the opportunity to really explore who you are and grow into a new person, defined by an understanding of yourself gained through a new context.

One of the reasons I’ve always felt comfortable traveling is because the opportunity to see who you are when juxtaposed with something wholly unexpected offers one of the clearest paths for growth that I know.

In Anne’s case, I suspect she holds on to her past so tightly because she is not confident of who she is at a core level–and she doesn’t like herself when it comes right down to it. Which makes it surprising to everyone when she is able to establish such fast friendships.

I’m not sure what it is about travel, either that contributes to the swiftness of accepting new buddies, but I’ve both seen it happen and experienced it enough times that even that element is true to life in this story.

What about you? Do you like to travel?

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