#AtoZChallenge – J is for Juniper

kazakh-juniperLast year I had a problem with this letter, and stretched to make JAM fit. This year, Anne’s adventures took her into the Himalayan mountains. One of the first ways she tries to identify where she is is by taking a deep breath, whereupon she remarks at the scent of juniper.

Once again, I’d let my fingers do the walking across the Internet nodes to find out what it might be like in that high alpine region. The ubiquity of juniper made it logical for her to smell that fragrant bush.

Not that that really helps anyone figure out where they are. But at least she had something familiar to make her feel like she was someplace she might recognize. Given enough other information.


And for those of you who want to explore some other areas of the regions she moves through, visit Birds of Kazakhstan to see more pictures like what I found above.

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