dream-new-dreamGiven how long it’s taken me (remember, I’m used to fast drafting, as a habit established during two, consecutive successes at NaNoWriMo) I’m almost surprised to finally be able to say it: Blood to Fire is now with my editor. It’s already been through two critique passes, and the tender mercies of EditMinion, (please, no more editorializing on my unfortunate writer’s tick of adding “a little” to almost every description!) so I’m feeling confident in describing it as another improvement on my novel writing capacity.


I’m also feeling confident in predicting that the editing and production will be done well before this round is done, meaning that I Will MEET my top three goals. Which calls for a happy dance. (Please, everybody join me, otherwise I’ll feel lonely bopping to silence in my office chair…)


I finished the novel writing, and was promptly attacked by plot-bunnies for not one, but a trilogy of short stories for a horror anthology KKP is planning to produce later this year–and got halfway done writing the first one.

With all that fictionalizing, I even managed to complete all my school assignments again this week. So I’m feeling super-productive… except for the fact that I only posted one blog entry in the past week. I’m not feeling too badly about that, really, because out of the blue yesterday my blog had an explosion of traffic. Somebody in Ohio apparently really wanted to read every page I’ve ever produced. It was a little spooky watching Google Analytics report a ten-fold increase in my normal daily traffic, with most of it being from that one location. Maybe I need to revisit my birth state on a marketing tour, since I seem to be popular there.


The most important thing I read this week: An article by the ever-pointed Chuck Wendig on his Terrible Minds blog. I suspect his reminder that to be a writer… we Must Write! was part of my inspiration to be so productive with my word production this week. It’s worth the reminder for the rest of you, if you happened to miss it when it came out on the 13th.

Meantime, here’s the link to the list of the other ROW80 participants; explore, and see whether they’re keeping up with their goals, too.

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6 thoughts on “dun, Dun, DONE

  1. Whoops – just catching up. “attacked by plot-bunnies” – love it! It sounds like your goals are wayyyy on track.
    And Chuck Wendig’s blog is just great for those times we need not-so-gentle reminders.
    Keep up the amayyyzing work!

  2. Great job on getting the book finished! Short stories are nice, like a palate cleanser, I think. I love writing them.
    Good luck with the rest of your goals!

    1. 0_o
      I thought the short stories were a good response to finishing a novel… You want another novel…??

      oh… right… That’s the way you roll…!

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