BtF_coveridea_01a_600Tonight, despite the blizzard outside, the cockles of my heart are blazing: I Haz Cover Art!

One thing I love about indie publishing: It allows me control of imagery and branding for my books. And Gayla is awesome to collaborate with in the process of refining graphic ideas and how they might play in our target market.

The result is the beauty you see here.

I could go on about the challenge of doing photo-realistic covers in the fantasy genre, and the nature of font selection… but I’ll let that remain the mystery it should be for a reader who’s shopping for their next book and happens to stumble across what I’m sharing with you now.

So: For anyone waiting for book 2 of the Red Slaves series, or anyone who wants to try out a book that walks the line between contemporary fantasy and paranormal romance… WITH DRAGONS–your wait is almost over.


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4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Blood to Fire

  1. Congratulations, babe! So excited! And I like how you really re-emphasized that this may be a fantasy, but it’s a highly realistic fantasy, by using the photo the way you did.

  2. Cover looks great. It really does represent that balance between realism and fantasy–as if there is a fantasy world existing beneath our every day lives, underfoot if you will, that if we just learned to see, we could enter it.

    1. 🙂
      For a story set in a time/place people remember/recognize… I think that realism is important. Glad you like the cover!

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