Hump Day Hook: Red Slaves 2 – Blood to Fire #HDH


I’m getting so close to the end of book 2 of my Red Slaves series, it’s getting exciting. And since it has me in its claws, will be going to my editor in two weeks, and is coming out in a little more than a month… I thought it was time to start building some excitement about Anne’s ongoing story. She was a self-contained know-it-all in book 1, so she has a lot to learn in book 2, and there are some seriously fun scenes to write as I blow her mind time after time:

“This is going to be one of those culture clash things, where we have to agree to disagree. Again. I can’t imagine a time when being an individual isn’t more important to me than being part of any kind of group.”

“We will give you time. And we will create our own society. But you are no longer an American. You are my mate, the leader of our flight, and responsible for much greater destinies than were ever possible as a human.”

I mmph in an indeterminate response. If he thinks I’m going to cave on this one, he has another think coming. And why is it that these supernatural types always speak in such pretentious terms: Destiny? Life and Death? I don’t see anything as quite that important. Even if there are very few dragons left. Hundreds of species go extinct each year, and the likelihood that there is sufficient genetic diversity to make this or any future generation of dragons strong enough to continue or expand the race is small. Besides, I didn’t even know dragons were a reality until… recently? How long has it even been since Sam sent me on that fateful trip?

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