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I just turned in my final project for my second class for this semester. It was one of those frustrating academic exercises that loomed over my head all week, and derailed the majority of the attempts I made at working on Blood to Fire. In fact, I spent most of today procrastinating, working on other elements of my final assignments, and watching the Packers clinch the NFC North division championship.

On top of those mundane details, this has been the week of Christmas shopping, work stress, and the insanity of the news on Friday. I only have furbabies at this point in my life, and I’ve still spent the past three days horrified at the experiences facing the families in Connecticut, mourning that the amount of evil in the world seems to have grown exponentially over the past year. I can’t imagine what it’s like to look at presents under the tree waiting for a child who will never open them, let alone dealing with all the normal detritus a young life will produce.

prayers for Connecticut

Our nephew died of SIDS eight years ago in February, and none of the family has forgotten the three months he graced our lives. His loss contributed greatly to our decision to move back to my husband’s home town, so the family would be united in dealing with the aftermath of that tragedy. In fact, my mother lost two of her siblings soon after their births, so on both sides of my family there has been grief over lives cut short. We’ve grown and moved on from the sadness of the immediate experience, but there are holes left behind even a generation after it happens. What would my life have been like with an additional aunt and uncle?

On a related note, my mom reported her research into our family tree had uncovered connections to King John I (an illegitimate son) and a soldier in the American Revolution (John Cunnabell DAR #A028608); she submitted her application to the Daughters of the American Revolution today. Both connections seem rife with story ideas.

There are so many unfathomable elements to life, I’m reminded of Tolkien: “There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” So this holiday break, while I have not yet managed my word count goals for the year, or for NaNoWriMo, I will refocus on a story worth fighting for (Blood to Fire)–and rest on my laurels of my first two classes completed. At least that is one goal achieved.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the ROW80 participants to see how they’re dealing with their goals.

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