Schedules and Distractions

Everything you need will come to you... at the perfect timeI hope there’s truth to this saying for me once again this month, as my schedule got blown up this weekend. As you will have noticed, I didn’t even post here yesterday, per my normal schedule/plan.

My blog tour for Dementional kicked off this morning with a Guest Post on Gwen Perkins’ site. I’m writing the last two posts for that tour tonight–even though that won’t advance my novel word count.

I managed to stay on top of my school work last week again, but writing while working and with school obligations is going to continue to be a challenge. Last week, I was able to take my 30-minute lunch breaks to churn out a few hundred words, so I was able to go over 1,000 for those days. I had expected to do even better over the weekend, so I could get ahead of my NaNo timeline.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be: Between complete exhaustion, puppy class, and grabbing the last chance to go to dinner with a friend before he moves out of state this week, all of a sudden the 7 hours I had scheduled for writing petered down to 2. So my weekend netted me 1,100 words.

I’m glad to be getting to a point in the story where I know where the plot needs to go, and I’m glad the end of the month has a long work break, but for now, writing goals were a fail for last week. I’m not starting off well this week either, but… tomorrow is always another day.


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