Kyra, helping to kick up leaf mold to make me sneeze more
Kyra, helping to kick up leaf mold to make me sneeze more

It’s been one of those weeks… Where your allergies poke through your sinuses like a distracting spear and generate regular headaches of epic proportions. So it’s been easy to rationalize feeling too tired to face all my many goals and deadlines.

The good thing: I still managed to stay ahead of my schoolwork and turn in all my assignments on time.

The bad thing: even though I didn’t spend every night of the week working on schoolwork, I didn’t spend any time working on my fiction writing.

I’m still enough of a Pollyanna to think I’m going to make my self-imposed end-of-month deadline for book two of the Red Slaves series. (You can stop laughing now!) School assignments are at least reminding me that I’m a pretty speedy writer–and my professor’s assessments tell me that even at speed I’m coherent.


My other, new goal: Since it looks like the anthology will be a no-go, I don’t want to lose the short story I previewed a while back. I think I’m going to rework it slightly and release it as a Halloween short, as a preview of a new urban fantasy series whose plot bunnies are chasing through my brain. We’ll see how well all these writing goals pan out… and I’m counting on these weekly ROW80 check-ins to keep me honest in their pursuit.

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