ROW80: Final Check-in

MidtermsIt’s mid-term week for me already… and you can see what that’s done to my posting schedule. I missed Sunday altogether, and I’m contemplating the need to shift my posting dates, since my degree program’s standard due dates are Wednesdays and Sundays. This being mid-term week, that means I had discussion board responses due tonight, and a mid-term (4 essay questions) and a 4-7-page annotated paper due Sunday–as well as such additional responses to what my classmates post on the boards as I can manage. It also means I don’t get to add my name to the Linky list of everyone else who participated… which makes me sad.

I’m still debating whether I even have the time to write creatively with the weight of this program over me–but then, I’ve managed to maintain some level of activity on Facebook and Twitter, and I did produce words (over 1,000 of them!) in the few weeks since I’ve started.

I’m telling myself: minimal TV and much less free time will give me all the time I need… (Go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait.)

So I’m planning on emulating Kait and continuing to try to Do All The Things. At least until I’m so worn out it is obvious I need a break. We’ll see how the ebb and flow of that pattern emerges–especially since November’s NaNoWriMo madness is scarily close to just around the corner.

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