ROW80 Check-In: Dementional Publication Coming

DementionalNext milestone complete: I finished ALL my edits and sent the final Word doc to my publisher in preparation for posting the eBook version of Dementional.

Now I need to format the print version over the next couple of days.

I just went back and found the original list of my goals through October:

  1. Participate in 2 writing sprints 5 nights a week, producing a total of no fewer than 5,000 words per week;
  2. Finalize print formatting for Dust to Blood;
  3. Finalize first round edits for Dementional;
  4. Send Dementional to editor and finish final edits; and
  5. Format Dementional for eBook release.

Looks like I didn’t remember to add the “format Dementional for print release” to that list (or didn’t think I’d manage it!), so this week will be in pursuit of a bonus goal.

Next week I’ll get back to writing the sequel to Dust to Blood, with the goal of finishing the first draft of Blood to Fire by the end of this round. That may or may not be possible because I heard from a different department at work that my name is on the list for the September start for MBA classes. I’m still intimidated enough at the thought of 10-15 hours per week per class, that I’m not sure how fiction writing goals will fare in that competition.

I have to say, I’m thrilled that my weekly check-ins have netted me some big goal completions, though, so I’ll keep going with this as long as I can.


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