ROW80? Shiny Chris Isaak Concert…

I know I said I was typically only going to post Sunday updates for my ROW80 challenge, but tonight turned out to be a special night. I found out my husband had arranged for front-and-center Chris Isaak tickets on that artist’s latest swing through Milwaukee. It was an amazing concert. Regardless of whether you’re an old-time/old-style rock fan, the sheer joy Chris and his band bring to the stage is enough to warm up any artist’s soul who is wandering in the doldrums of too-much-to-do. This is what 27 years of playing together means: You can do coordinated, impromptu dance moves; change up your set list; interact with the audience; and all of that without missing a beat or a note. And if you have Chris’ breath control… you can wow your listeners with the purity of tone while making them laugh that you do such dead-on impressions of artists ranging from Elvis (whose lyrics and moves actually make a surprise appearance in book 2 of Red Slaves!) to Jerry Lee Lewis.

Chris Isaak Concert 7/11

I had a great time, and yelled myself hoarse. But came home inspired and happy. It’s a great kick-off to this year’s birthday celebration. Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to, given the balance of humor, interaction, and great music. So here’s another fangirl pic (Chris took a moment to ask us to please take pictures, so this was actually LEGAL, compared to most concerts, where the artist keeps the fans at arm’s length):

Chris Isaak Concert pic 2

(And, by the way, I’m totally impressed at the quality of pictures my iPhone took during the concert!)

So. The check-in thing? I actually can check something off (other than writing a lot of words unrelated to moving Blood to Fire closer to completion): I sent Gayla the print-formatted version of Dust to Blood. I had procrastinated so long on it, I finally just had to bless it and let it go. So if anyone out there finds the 3 typos that might still remain… do me a favor and post me a private note about it. I promise the 2nd edition won’t have it.


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