#AtoZChallenge – V is for Vasily

VasilyI’m grateful to the A to Z blog challenge for showing me the whole daily blogging thing isn’t as big of a grind as I had worried it might be–so long as you have a useful framework and a way to build your posts ahead of time for a more guaranteed timely release.

The timing of the challenge has been a great boon for me as I promote my new book, Dust to Blood. Today we’re back to eye candy with the mid-range aged version of one of the “lost boys” of the book, Vasily. (I feel lucky to have found a collection of male model pictures on Dreamstime that have the ethnic and otherworldly feel these men conveyed in my mind!)

The cluster of names I chose are all common Russian names, but I chose them specifically because their first initials combined to form the acronym I.V.F. It works thematically for a number of reasons I don’t necessarily want to share to avoid revealing a spoiler, but definitely links to the idea that there needs to be some sort of intervention to counterbalance the technological constraints on these men being able to propagate their species.

I hope those of you who have bought Dust to Blood are enjoying reading it so far, and I look forward to hearing my first reader feedback on the book.

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5 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – V is for Vasily

  1. hmmm he’s yummy looking! Can’t wait to tell you what I thought 🙂

    *~ MAJK ~*
    Twitter @Safireblade
    A to Z Blog Challenge

    1. LOL – I was thinking of you (& a few others…) when I posted this pic. I still peek at it for a bit more of the heart-aflutter effect. 😉

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