#AtoZChallenge – K is for Kak dyelah

HelloI’m a little amazed that I’ve managed 11 straight posts for the A to Z Blogging challenge. Though tonight I’m feeling a bit challenged by K. So you get to learn the first Russian phrase I learned: Kak dyelah. And you know it’s in Dust to Blood because the excerpt from two days ago, where Anne meets Ivan, ends with that phrase.


So what does it mean? It translates to How are you.

Typically, you would respond, then, with: “Spaciba. Harasho. Ochen priyatno.” (Thank you, fine. Pleased to meet you.)

And don’t forget to shake hands; it’s customary between all sexes. Women are a little more demonstrative among friends, doing the 3-kisses-on-alternating cheeks exchange you see some places in Europe. So you know Ivan has befuddled Anne that she accepts that exchange on parting after their first meeting. Men are typically more reserved both among themselves and in mixed company–though back-thumpings are not uncommon either.

So there you have it: Russian greeting culture. Now I must go greet my other work to make sure the lights stay on and I can keep writing.

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