Me? Blog Award?! I’m a Versatile Blogger

Versatile Blogger AwardHere’s something I never would have expected: Having started this blog a year ago, flush with the amazement of having conquered my first NaNoWriMo challenge, I really only thought this blog would serve as an aide-memoire for myself, and maybe a roadmap for my friends and colleagues on the things I had been reading. I never expected to find a thriving community of other writers, let alone other writers who thought my blog was a fun place to stop by. Yet, here I am: @zencherry included me in her list and said she LIKES my reviews. Thank you so very much! 🙂 (AND…. why don’t the rules allow me to nominate you back??)


I was so excited I did a little happy dance–despite being up to my eyeballs in life and my second NaNoWriMo challenge. So it’s taken me quite a few days to formulate a response and keep the chain going…


Thar Be Rules In These Waters:

Thank the person who nominated you (see above <G>). Tell 7 things about yourself so that your readers may learn more about you. Nominate 15 other newly discovered bloggers then let them know you nominated them.

And I’m incorporating Maureen’s rule addendum, too, since I’ve generally poo-poohed chain letters myself:

Well, hey. Just so you know, I’ve always been a stopper of chain letters and such so the winners have NO obligation to pass this on whatsoever if they don’t want to and I’ll take the hooey for it. It’s my award to give out and I’m a gonna make up MY rule. How’s that? Of course, if you want to pass it out, feel free, but not under any circumstance, are you obligated. (Nods and crosses arms) Okay. Onwards.

hmmm Seven Things

  1. I’ve lived on four of the seven continents.
  2. As a corollary to #1, the longest I’ve lived anywhere is six years, but we just busted past that this summer, here, and don’t appear to be in any hurry to move on, so each day is a new record for longevity living in one place for me.
  3. My father decided to divorce my mother after 42 years of marriage this past March with little explanation and no effort at reconciliation, insisted there was nobody else for him, and last weekend announced he will be remarrying in April. Family stuff has thus been a bit of a distraction for me lately.
  4. I’ve had the joy of living with four Siberian Huskies in the years since my marriage in 1998. Two are no longer living.
  5. I reread Anne McCaffrey‘s Dragon Riders of Pern series (all of them) at least once every two years. They *are* my happy place.
  6. I named this blog “A Book A Day” because when there are no other distractions, I can pick up a regular-sized novel after work and finish it in time for bed.
  7. If I pick up a book too late at night, though, I’m unlikely to put it down before I’m finished, so my book addiction has repeatedly led to some very sleepy day-afters.

So… my nominees (in no particular order)

1. AnnarchyAnn Handley is the Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, the professional organization I follow most closely, but her personal writings, while irregular (and, lately, rare) move me immensely.

2. All About Writing – I found Nicole Humphrey Cook via her recent post on different types of Nanoers and stuck around when I discovered she shares some really useful writer’s tips (and is as addicted to Twitter as I am).

3. Lynette LabelleLynnette Labelle is another one who shares seriously useful writer’s tips.

4. Quills and ZebrasA.M. Harte runs a whole host of writerly blogs; this one does reviews and interviews and generally supports the Indy publishing industry the best way it can.

5. Origami UnicornCatherine Mintz is another author I’ve interviewed here, whose blog is a quirky collection of useful and interesting links and includes some links to her own work.

6. Smart Bitches Trashy Books – Someone posted  a review from these gals that was not only useful and insightful, but covers that whole guilty pleasure genre of books I’ve always called brain candy for myself. 😉 (And now they’re getting a new website too, so they’ll have some more bling to share with their readers after the reboot!)

7. The Daily Blog – I met Erica Lucke Dean recently through my participation in Triberr and found a woman with a deep sense of humor who doesn’t shy away from sharing some of the bumps in the road of life.

8. The Writing Life of LJ Quillyn – Here’s another Nanoer with a unique perspective and interesting posts on how life can get in the way of what you really want, but doesn’t need to stop you.

9. Women’s Literary Cafe – This is something totally new to me: A consortium devoted to supporting authors in their quest to find readers. What a kewl idea, that totally deserves kudos.

10. Mystery Writing is MurderElizabeth Spann Craig‘s daily efforts at collecting writing tips and contributing them to a Writer’s Knowledge Base is beyond admirable, and fully worthy of many rounds of applause; she really knows how to pay it forward to other writers.

11. Feral Intensity – The writer/publisher who started me down this road more than two years ago now: Gayla, stand up and take a bow, I wouldn’t have done this without you.

12. Ramblings,Reviews and Interviews – I found Peter Hobbs via Maureen (aka @zencherry, from above) and laughed my way through “I want my 2-ply” then discovered he does the same sort of stuff I do: Reviews, Interviews, and the occasional post about life. How could I not keep coming back?

13. The Bookshelf Muse – Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman have pulled together an extensive collection of prompts and other thoughts for writers. The first one I saw greeted me with a picture of Han Solo, and I was instantly smitten. 😉

14. Writing on Writing: Amlokiblogs – I just discovered Damyanti G this week on Twitter via her extremely polite and sensible post on writer no-nos and then discovered a whole other world of enjoyable resources for writers.

15. Kait Nolan – You may remember her from the author interview I did a while back (or my review of her book Red), but she’s definitely someone I enjoy following, both for her gluten-free (and general gourmand cooking) as well as for another perspective on an author who has to work out the balance between a day job and the joy of writing.

And now it’s back to trying to catch up with my own Nanowrimo word count. Wish me luck!

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9 thoughts on “Me? Blog Award?! I’m a Versatile Blogger

  1. You deserved this nomination and you’ve chosen some great blogs to pass it on to. 🙂

    Good luck on your NaNoWriMo writing today. (I am currently procrastinating from it by reading blogs.)

  2. How cool is it that you’ve lived on four of the seven continents? Your life is so much fun! You’ve got to share some of those pictures and/or memories. Wow!

    Just have to say that I totally understand the addiction to Huskies. We rescued a Husky four years ago, (my son’s dog now), and have found this particular breed is just the sweetest furry balls of springiness ever.
    (Knuckle bumps you for the Anne McCaffrey addiction and the book a day too btw.) 😉

    You completely, utterly, totally, (and every other adverbial addendum I can throw out there), deserve this award. I LOVE your blog. Always an intelligent point-of-view and besides, you ROCK!

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