I’ve avoided this for several years now, but am finally giving in to my love of the written word to begin blogging in my own right. I know most people don’t have the time to add yet another source of information to their already overloaded plates, so I plan on keeping this short and to-the-point.

I’m actually starting this because of my experience with National Novel Writing Month: I’ve had story ideas floating around in my brain for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never thought of them as such until I read an interview with Stephenie Meyer in which she said that the seminal scene that started that whole series was based on a dream she had. All of a sudden it clicked: I dream vividly! I can do that!

Actually getting to 50,000 words in one month, though… that is a challenge. It takes commitment and perseverance. I’m still not sure I have enough of what it takes–though I’m feeling confident after a 5,000+-word day–but I’m hopeful that in a few days I’ll get to post the winner’s badge here. In a related recommendation: I was able to achieve today’s word total in part because of the useful service available at http://www.mywritingnook.com/. I have the iPhone app installed (yeah, I spent the $3), so have written alternately on my desktop computer, my laptop, and my phone, as the mood has hit me to change venues.

Until then, wish me luck.


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