Happy Birthday, Kyra

Kyra, 16Because it’s been one of those kinds of months, and because there is so much change underway (more on that tomorrow), I’m celebrating my first fur-baby’s birthday with a sale. Kyra turns 16 January 26th. She was our first Husky, and what I consider our best wedding gift to ourselves.


That she’s still with us and still going strong is a testament to her will and flexibility as she’s followed us around the country in our various moves. We are seeing some hip degeneration as she ages and there are times when she’s more absent-minded than she’d been as a younger dog, but she still manages her environment with the same finesse, and enjoys her daily play time and cuddles–and all the walks we can give her. So we’re blessed.

Which brings me to the celebration point: I’m setting Dementional on sale this week for $2 off. Partly because of what could be Kyra’s mental wanderings, but also because she seems to have mastered the dimensions to be with us for so much longer than the average life-span of a Husky.


I hope you enjoy this celebration with all of us! Watch for the price change on both Amazon and Smashwords in the next few hours. The sale will run through the end of the month.

Dementional, On Tour

Dementional Virtual Book TourSomething about releasing a novel means I feel the need to do some kind of promo splash. So when I discovered my Tribemate Kriss was starting a new publicity company, I figured I’d jump on that bandwagon. I have to say, for being brand-spanking-new, First Rule Publicity sure pulled out the stops. I have more blog hop spots than I know what to do with!


So keep your eyes peeled; in about 2 weeks there will be a flurry of posts, interviews, and reviews, all geared to help introduce my second novel, Dementional.

11/5 – A Few Words – Guest Post
11/6 – Lost Inside the Covers – Review
11/6 – Broadcast from the Bistro – Podcast
11/6 – Babs Book Bistro – Excerpt
11/7 – Darlene’s Book Nook – Guest Post
11/8 – Seventh Star Press Blog – Review
11/9 – Fighting Monkey Press – Review
11/9 – The Cabin Goddess – Interview and Recipe
11/10 – Night Owl Reads – Character Interview
11/10 – Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Guest Post
11/11 – From the Bootheel Cotton Patch – Character Post
11/12 – Library Girl Reads – Excerpt
11/12 – Tribute Book Reviews and Giveaways – Interview
11/13 – Author Interrupted – Guest Post
11/13 – {Dive} Under the Cover – Review
11/14 – Book in the Bag – Interview/Review
11/14 – Reading Away the Days – Guest Post

I also had one of those conversations with my mom tonight that made me think maybe I am improving as a writer. She read both my books this week… Her description of this one was “brilliant”–it actually kept her awake at night. I’m taking it with a grain of salt, because she IS my mom, but it’s still nice to hear.


ROW80 Check-in: Dementional PUBLISHED

DementionalIt’s possible I’m going a little overboard with excitement this week… But I actually managed to finalize the print design AND the blurb, and now my second book is live for purchase online.


This time I have a nifty 3-D image of what the paperback looks like, too.


Yes, there was much rejoicing this weekend. And all of a sudden, I felt at loose ends. I met my major goal: I had done everything I wanted to do to get my second book out and promoted.

So I’m adding to my promo plate and looking for additional opportunities to publicize Dementional.

I also publicized the goal of an additional 5K words on Blood to Fire by the end of the month. I’m down to five days to accomplish that, but I think it’s still in the realm of possibility. (Plus, I found that nifty widget that allows me to post progress updates without needing to post additional rambling words here… Check it out in the right-hand column, after the list of my books generated by Goodreads.)

That means if all goes well, the final month of this round should be dedicated to #wordmongering sprints to get as close as possible to my 55K-word goal on Blood to Fire.

This week I also need to clear up the question of when, exactly, I’m to begin my MBA studies. Once that starts (theoretically, right after Labor Day), I fully expect to have to re-adjust my own expectations.

Please find more Row80 participantsΒ HERE.

Release Day: Dementional

Today was the day. It was supposed to have been yesterday, but the night kept getting later, it had already been a long week, and we didn’t want any error creep.

DementionalSo today, I present to you: Dementional.

This time, I’m releasing the print and eBook versions at the same time, and Katarr Kanticles Press has come up with a sweet deal: If you’re inclined to buy the paper version, we’re giving you the digital copy for free.

We see it as a 2-for-1 deal for readers, to thank them for supporting realistic pricing for indies–and being willing to carry a copy of our babies so the world can see the beauty of their covers.


I have another thought floating in the back of my mind about this move too: In the wake of the crazy lynch mob that brought down the legitimate book-loaning site LendInk, I want to be on the side of authors who are willing to support the legal lending that comes with owning a DRM-free version of an eBook. I think this represents the best kind of word-of-mouth marketing an author can have: Friends sharing their books as a tacit (or explicit) recommendation of that content. We do it with paperbacks all the time; why shouldn’t we be allowed the same freedom with our digital copies?

I have also set a special library purchase price for my book, to reduce that barrier to entry as well.

The most authentic way for us to build our audience/readership is when those readers are enthusiastic enough to give their circle of friends a recommendation to read our work. Whatever I can do as an author to make that process easier is to my benefit; it’s part of the same marketing calculation that has me sending out free review copies to other reviewers.

So… any reviewers who are interested, let me know.


And I hope all of you enjoy this strange tale my mind concocted that lies somewhere in the intersection of “Quantum Leap” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”–and considers the mass of a soul.

ROW80 Check-In: Dementional Publication Coming

DementionalNext milestone complete: I finished ALL my edits and sent the final Word doc to my publisher in preparation for posting the eBook version of Dementional.

Now I need to format the print version over the next couple of days.

I just went back and found the original list of my goals through October:

  1. Participate in 2 writing sprints 5 nights a week, producing a total of no fewer than 5,000 words per week;
  2. Finalize print formatting for Dust to Blood;
  3. Finalize first round edits for Dementional;
  4. Send Dementional to editor and finish final edits; and
  5. Format Dementional for eBook release.

Looks like I didn’t remember to add the “format Dementional for print release” to that list (or didn’t think I’d manage it!), so this week will be in pursuit of a bonus goal.

Next week I’ll get back to writing the sequel to Dust to Blood, with the goal of finishing the first draft of Blood to Fire by the end of this round. That may or may not be possible because I heard from a different department at work that my name is on the list for the September start for MBA classes. I’m still intimidated enough at the thought of 10-15 hours per week per class, that I’m not sure how fiction writing goals will fare in that competition.

I have to say, I’m thrilled that my weekly check-ins have netted me some big goal completions, though, so I’ll keep going with this as long as I can.


Please find more Row80 participantsΒ HERE.

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